Friday, July 15, 2011

Just for Fun: Quotable Grace - No. 2

Here are a few more fun quotes from my little Grace. She continues to amaze me with the things she says.
  • I want to get married.
  • I need an x-ray.
  • Daddy, can I have a pet?
  • No, Mother.
  • You wanna play blocks with me, Mickey Mouse, Yes?
  • Do puffer fish drive cars?
  • I want to see God.
  • Oh No! I don't know how to drive!
  • Mommy, I need a favor.
  • I so tired of coloring.
  • Can I have a cup of sugar, please?
  • Is Jesus' owwie like Humpty Dumpty?
  • I no like fire quackers.
  • Where are all the purple fish?

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