Thursday, October 20, 2011

Just for Fun: Quotable Grace, No. 3

    Why birthday cake at bedtime is a bad idea ; )
  • Macaroni's don't grow in a garden. They live in a can.
  • Jesus is Christ and the Father. He eats food and loves children. (her own made-up song).
  • Mommy and me we're best friends.
  • Mommy, my skeleton hurts.
  • I wanna have a tea party with my Daddy.
  • Pleeeeeeease, Mommy!
  • I wanna see the big pumpkin.
  • I no love you Mommy. Hold me.
  • Those little people! They fireworks wake me up!
  • My crayons! Mommy! My crayons! (while sleeping).

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